July 19, 2024




Thorteck Ltd  are MONMOUTH Traditional Builders serving Monmouth and surrounding areas , we undertake conservation and restoration work on older buildings,we use traditional building methods and materials conserving the buildings historic integrity and we can repair or extend any period property.

Thorteck Ltd also has a general building division which can offer all the services for modern building projects.

Our projects range in size from the complete restoration of a building to the repair of a single element, such as the chimney, roof or plasterwork.

We offer a personal touch with no broken promises and a professional service at competitive rates.

We would welcome the opportunity to tender for all your future building projects.


Complete Building Services

With our extensive in-house experience and considerable expertise in all trades and disciplines we use a practical and informed approach to historic building repair.
From the initial surveys and planning through to the end of the contract we will leave you with a completed project finished to a high standard.

Lime Plastering & Rendering

Lime renders were traditionally applied to give protection to walls built of poor quality rubble stone or porous brick or to walls in exposed locations facing driving winds. They help by acting like a sponge, absorbing rainfall then allowing it to evaporate rather than soak into the wall. Most cottages and houses built of rubble stone would have been rendered originally and they tend to suffer from penetrating damp if the lime render is removed or replaced with a cement rich render.



Limecrete floors offer a breathable alternative to concrete and they can still be highly insulated leaving no need for a membrane to be used.
Lime was used extensively for foundation work before the invention of cement. Lime flooring allows for some movement of the building and the free passage of moisture and air, which helps to prevent damp problems.
You can still incorporate under floor heating laying this on the limecrete in a lime screed.

Stone Masonry

Stone masonry is a traditional form of construction practiced for centuries in the regions where stone is locally available. It is still found in old historic centers, often in buildings of cultural and historical significance.
We can supply and install stone for new build and restoration projects.
Replacement stones, masoned or carved, are carefully matched and refixed by one of our specialised stone masons.




The roof is probably the single most exposed face of any exposed structure.
Our specially trained slaters and tilers are equipped with the knowledge and specialist equipment to carry out roofing projects of any size and complexity whether new-build projects or renovations
All operatives have been fully trained in all aspects of lead fixing practices and the installations of rain-water systems and energy-efficient insulation systems.





Thorteck Ltd HEREFORD CONSERVATION BUILDERS are a specialist building company that uses a combination of traditional building and repair methods and materials and also some modern methods.


Our materials are usually sourced locally but sometimes we need to search the rest of the UK to find the correct product for a specific contract.

Our work benefits the old building as we use materials that will live in harmony with it, allowing it to breathe: lime plasters, wattle & daub, limewash.


We only employ quality craftsmen who are specialist in their trades.

We have over 160 years collective knowledge of working with traditional building methods and materials.

We have completed many contracts and have never had any complaints as our testimonials show.
From the day you contact Thorteck we listen to you and deliver what you ask at a competItive price and leave you with a high standard of finish.

From a small to large, modern or traditional contract please talk to Thorteck first, as you will receive a personal quality service second to none.



We have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Manage complex projects with detail and care
  • Complete Design and Build Package
  • Build new masonry walling or repair of stone walling and structures
  • Banker Masonry and fixing
  • Repair or renew roof structures with traditional materials and methods
  • Build or repair oak structures using traditional and modern techniques
  • Supply and install bespoke joinery
  • Re-Pointing using all types of lime mortars
  • Limecrete / Lime Screed Floors
  • Split lath & lime plastering including decorative plaster repair and limewashing
  • Wattle & daub
  • Dry stone walling
  • Structural solutions & stabilisation
  • Retaining wall systems
  • Plumbing/Lead sheet roofing
  • Installers of Biomass wood boilers ARITERM & WINDHAGER